At times it seems as though we only see, hear, and idealize a “typical” UVA student experience in our community.

However, there is no ‘one’ UVA experience, and our community is not a monolith.

We – Olive Lee and Amy Pressey (CLAS ’17), two students working out of the Student Activities office – created YourUVA in the Spring of 2017. We envisioned an online space to highlight some of the amazing voices, lives, and perspectives of UVA students that may not always fit within the “mainstream” or “traditional” UVA experience.

YourUVA is a project and multimedia endeavor to reflect student life and celebrate the multifaceted identities, experiences, and cultures that make up our community. This blog is never meant to replace or supplant any reflection of student life at our University. Rather, we hope to foster an online community for expression in continuous discourse with the ever-changing student experience, intercultural and peer-to-peer dynamics, and life at UVA.

Though this project began in Spring 2017, it continues to evolve with our UVA community and under the leadership of student staff in the Department of Student Activities.

The Team (2017-18)

Zainab Oni | Editor


Year: 4th

Hometown: New York, NY

Favorite Place on Grounds: My favorite place has to be Alderman Stacks. I have always been very fond of books so it’s an incredible feeling to be surrounded by thousands of them.


Lona Manik | Podcast


Year: 4th

Hometown: Burke, Virginia

Favorite Place on Grounds: The MakerSpace in Wilson because whenever I’m in there, I’m building something creative! My favorite fruits are mangoes and my spirit animal is the red panda.



Danielle Dacanay | Contributor

unnamedYear: 4th

Major: Computer Science & Economics

Hometown: Richmond, VA

Favorite place on Grounds: I usually study off Grounds, but when I am on Grounds, my favorite place would be the AFC. I usually go for an hour or two everyday to workout, and it’s where I have dance practice twice a week. Exercising is a way for me to relieve stress, so I try to go as often as possible! And post-grad, I most likely will not have access to a nice gym like the AFC (unless I choose to pay a lot for a membership lol), so I really try to make the most out of this perk before I graduate.

Stephanie Soh | Graphic Designer & Web Admin


Year: 3rd

Majors: Foreign Affairs, Media Studies

Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT/Guangzhou, China/Qingdao, China

Favorite Place on Grounds: Probably the Pav! I spend an inordinate amount of time there, whether I’m studying or eating or hanging out or just watching Netflix by myself. Quality place to be around people but still get stuff done if you can work with the music!


Courtney Stith | Videographer