Radio Music Society

March 29, 2018

It’s modern with a classical twist. Radio Music Society is a string-based music ensemble that specializes in playing modern pop music—anything that can be heard on the radio can be heard from our instruments. Our mission is to bring string music to the masses at the University of Virginia and the Charlottesville Area. String quartets have always been considered a niche or reserved only for classical music, but there’s so much more to it than the world of Shostakovich, Bach or Mozart. We love symphony music, but sometimes we just want to play something more modern. Radio Music Society began as a small string quartet in the Fall of 2011. The first four members practiced string arrangements of popular music Friday afternoons in the Humphrey’s basement common room mostly playing for themselves and the occasional audience of a few friends or the maintenance guy. They even performed a couple times at small gatherings and concerts. After receiving such positive praise from peers and other organizations, the goal turned to sharing this form of music with the University and the community.

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